Seven Things I Wish My CMS Had

It doesn’t take long in a conversation with me to bring up Textpattern. I’ve been using it since 2005 and have never, ever, regretted it. In fact, Textpattern is my standard response when a client needs the ability to manage content. I really can’t say anything negative about it that isn’t overly picky. With that… Read This Article Read More

Automatic Database Backups

Awhile back I was in a panic. As I went to my site to write an article I was met with a blank screen. And of course that’s never a good thing. It was at that moment that I happened to turn around to see the announcement on CNN that wildfires had engulfing part of… Read This Article Read More

I’ve Been iFramed

Last night something interesting was brought to my attention through my Mint statistics. It’s probably only important for those interested in keeping their images and selective content from major search engines. Usually when a search engine checks out my website I see the hit listed like this: “Search for: men and women” with a little… Read This Article Read More

“I Like to Steal Things” Part 1

Now, before you take that headline as an admission of guilt… it’s the title of a project I’ve been scheming up for awhile, a chunk of PHP that helps you prevent people from stealing your stuff; that stuff most notably being your CSS files, though I have one more writeup on the theme coming shortly… Read This Article Read More

An Automatic Image Gallery Using PHP

I decided last night that I needed a PHP driven image gallery and since I didn’t have an internet connection I couldn’t check around for likeminded projects, so I wrote one myself. It’s a simple and clean PHP script called index.php (clever and unique eh?) You just put it in a folder labeled after the… Read This Article Read More

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