Sometimes Using IDs in CSS Just Makes Sense

Recently Chris Coyier and Harry Roberts opened up the conversation for CSS best practices and people are chiming in. I won’t disagree that the majority of the things Harry mentions are dead-on accurate, though whether or not I or anyone else actually follows them to the letter is debatable. But one of the personal guidelines… Read This Article Read More

Don’t Over-Think Your CSS (Part 1)

Over the years I’ve developed a love for making HTML and CSS as streamline as possible. Consider this piece of content for a very lean carousel. (You’d probably need more to actually make it work, but the point here is to show a principle of CSS, not to build a carousel.) <div id=”this_specific_thing” class=”carousel”> <div… Read This Article Read More

A Little HTML/CSS/JS in a CMS Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

For years we’ve been talking about separating JavaScript from HTML, and CSS, but there’s always a temptation to continue writing HTML and CSS into the wrong parts of our content management systems. I wasn’t willing to say this before, but it’s a design problem. And it really is a tough line to walk. For as… Read This Article Read More

Better Team Projects with Grunt JS

For years I pre-processed my SASS/LESS files and minified my JavaScript with apps like Codekit. And while those are great, they don’t always work nicely with whatever apps your coworkers are using. That’s where Grunt JS shines. What I Was Doing Because I had mostly been working by myself on things, I was running CodeKit… Read This Article Read More

To Framework, or Not To Framework

When I interviewed for my current role, I was asked “what would you say you’re the best in? What’s your specialty?” I thought, as the question was being asked, that my honest answer was going to cost me the role. My exact response is really blurry at this point, but the gist of it is… Read This Article Read More

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